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In early December 2013, in the span of approximately two weeks, almost our entire colony of alley cats (except one little girl) vanished, leaving us as well as many of our neighbors heart-broken and outraged.  These 7 little souls brightened the lives of many: not just those who fed and cared for them, but dozens of friends and family who visited us and came to know and love these cats as much as we did.   

There is no doubt that these cats met with foul play: they were all spayed and neutered, fed 2-3 meals a day, and had winter shelters in which they could escape the elements each night.  These cats would never leave the alley of their own accord.  

Even more disturbing, however, was the discovery of many other missing cats in our neighborhood and elsewhere in the city.  Through our search efforts we began to learn of other local residents who experienced the same scenario: their cats went missing one by one and roughly in the same time frame.  It became very clear to us that our cats were being preyed on by some person or persons for reasons unknown.  

And our nightmare was only just beginning.  More of the story follows here.

These are the seven beloved alley cats that we lost:

OLD MAN GREY, the patriarch of the colony,  a sweet, handsome, debonair gentleman.  

BLACK & WHITE, a lovely senior lady, constant companion and best friend of Old Man Grey.  

OLD ORANGE, a dear old ginger tom who returned faithfully to his private home in my yard every night.

BIG STRIPE, the most elusive and feral of the colony, but also a devoted Mother to Simba (missing), White & Black (missing) and Little Blackie (the lone survivor).

SIMBA, a gentle, sweet little girl who never strayed far from her loving mother, Big Stripe.

WHITE & BLACK, an adorable mischievous boy who roamed the alley with his siblings and his best friend, Niece.

NIECE, the adorable young girl, with movie star looks and a happy, playful personality.

$5000 Reward

For information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for these crimes. If you have any information about their disappearance, please contact us:

Call or text: (917) 435-2399 


seeking justice for 7 beloved alley cats