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Simba was a sweet little two and a half year old girl, daughter of Big Stripe (missing) and sister to White and Black (missing) and Little Blackie (the lone survivor).   Her coat was mostly white with patches of tabby. Her father may have been Rough Customer, but we do not know for sure.  She was a gentle little soul, a little reserved but not skittish, with a sweet happy face.

Simba adored her mother and never strayed too far from her.  The two of them fed primarily at a neighbor’s home, where all three siblings had been feeding since they were kittens.  Over time, some of the siblings migrated to my yard and began regularly feeding here.   But Simba and Big Stripe stayed primarily in the neighbor’s yard which was more secluded and provided easy access to the tops of garages and decks where cats could bask in the sun or make a hasty retreat.     

Simba’s caretaker would often open her back door so that Simba could dine in her warm sunny kitchen.  Simba was docile enough that she would eat her meal inside, but her mom, Big Stripe, the most feral of the colony, would not.  When they arrived together to eat and Simba knew her mom was hungry, Simba would not go inside the kitchen.  She would wait by the door until her caretaker wisely knew to place the food outside.  Once the food was outside, Simba would step aside and let her mom eat first.  She was a loving daughter.  

Simba and Big Stripe were devoted to each other, and it is heartbreaking to think how one might have worried for the other, as one by one these cats went missing. 

Napping on a lounge chair (her brother, White and Black, to the left, Niece below, and Black and White on the grass)

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