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Son of Big Stripe, White & Black was a cute mischievous boy with markings nearly identical to his father, Rough Customer.  Though he was close to his siblings, Simba (missing) and Little Blackie (the lone survivor), he was especially fond of Niece (missing), who to our knowledge was unrelated.  

Like Niece, White & Black was also quite feral, not as skittish as Niece, but you could not get very close.  Niece and White & Black were nearly inseparable, every day embarking on a new adventure together.  They were often seen in an adjoining alley where they would lay on top of a sunny wall and watch the goings-on below.  Feral cats know that even on a cold day sunshine will warm them up, and what is even better is finding a sunny spot on a second story like the top of a garage or a balcony.  White & Black and Niece, both young and athletic, could often be seen in higher places, taking in the sun and the view.

Napping on a lounge chair (his sister, Simba, to the right, best friend Niece under the chair, and Black & White on the grass)

Rough Customer (White and Black's dad)

seeking justice for 7 beloved alley cats

With bff Niece